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Unemployment insurance has always been a polarizing issue, but the recent developments in North Carolina have ushered in a new era of awareness regarding the unemployed.  There are vast differences in opinions on this program, but there is no doubt that a solution must be reached.  Those who are against these benefits often believe that their tax dollars are being spent to prop up a lazy sect of our citizens, while those who support the benefits often have an understanding of the positives that this social safety net provides for our society.  While there is no possibility of living in a world without bias and prejudice, citizens must look past their preconceived notions about those who are out of work if we are going to come to a beneficial solution that the public would be in favor of.   There are very few shared values among the polarized sides of this issue, and I truly believe the solution is to properly educate the public on the extremely positive results of unemployment insurance and then to fully fund the program.  This is not too much to ask for, because in return, there is the promise that our state deficit would continue dropping, as we have seen over the past two quarters300 million dollars has been eliminated from the state deficit in just 6 months, and this should be convincing enough evidence for people to demonstrate that we can have a thriving unemployment insurance program while also erasing the deficit over time.  If citizens are made aware that there is no true justification to the GOP actions and that we were headed toward economic recovery, then maybe their educated nature can overtake the prejudicial thoughts that were often associated with the unemployed and welfare.  The real solution here is educating the public, because if citizens could better understand this issue, many of them would see the benefits of the program to our society rather than maintaining their previously nonchalant and biased attitude towards the issue.  I believe that the polarized sides of this issue, when educated, could take pride and find common ground due to the fact that even when we were fully funding the unemployment program, we maintained a steady decline in the state deficit due to all the other fiscal cuts that this General Assembly has made.

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