Self-Reflection and Analysis Post

I have progressed a lot during the writing of this blog because it has educated me even further about unemployment benefits and the true positives that come out of the program.  I knew my stance on the topic before, but after looking at the data and lack of justification for the opposition, I have strengthened my resolve to oppose these cuts and any similar destruction of welfare.   Writing so many varied posts on the topic of unemployment insurance has made me very aware of the many facets of the issue as well as the positives and negatives that are associated with such a significant form of welfare.  I was not a staunch defender of unemployment benefits before this project, I just knew that they could have been of great use to my family.  I think my personal experience dealing with this issue encouraged me to pursue a greater understanding of how the issue functions so that I can provide a very well informed stance when conversing about the issue.  I have certainly improved upon my understanding of unemployment insurance and I can now truly support my position with facts and statistics demonstrating why families like mine could be helped out tremendously by this form of welfare.

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