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–          This definition provides an intuitive and in-depth description of some of the lesser known aspects of unemployment insurance.  It elaborates upon the programs history, and most importantly it defines the association between governing bodies due to the fact that this is a federal-state joint program.

–          This post gives a chilling view into the blatant disrespect North Carolina has shown the federal government, whom has offered these funds regularly over the past few years.  It also describes many situations in which these cuts will affect each person locally, and that the public is astounded that North Carolina would take the initiative to slash such a significant piece of welfare.

–          This articles most beneficial point is the discussion on Pat McCrory and his belief that these cuts will help to slash our deficit.  The article provides a good baseline for understanding McCrory’s justification for cutting unemployment benefits.  Not many pieces have covered the GOP justification aspect of this issue, so this was a very important piece of literature to support my blog posts.

–          This is a data chart drawn up from economic statistics for all fifty states.  It provides very telling and beneficial information regarding the poor state of North Carolina’s economy.  The most important piece of data in this set is the fact that North Carolinians average income is 38th in the nation out of 50.  This is a very poor statistic for the state and the multiple charts on this site may give you deeper insight into the horrible status of our state economy.

–          This has been the most informative and the most significant piece of work to aid me in my writing of this blog.  This article provides both the GOP justification and the statistical implications of these cuts on our state and local economies.  This is the best article to read to understand a good journalistic perspective on this issue and it will also cover all of the various aspects of unemployment insurance.  This article is invaluable when attempting to attain a true grasp of the unemployment issue.  There is an in-depth analysis of the GOP plan to pay back the debt as well as data to demonstrate the horrid effect that these cuts will have on our local economies, both key aspects of the issue that are essential to this articles prominence.

–          This article is a good preface to read to understand the initial reaction of McCrory and the General Assembly to the issue.  McCrory placed the blame on the federal government for causing the cuts, but it is evident that his signature and the General Assembly were the driving force behind these cuts to welfare.

–          This article provides much of the key evidence that you can present in support of unemployment benefits.  The promise that unemployment insurance shows in these visuals is astounding, and the facts are all there to inspect.  Millions of North Carolinians are saved from poverty every year thanks to the program, as is evidenced by research in the article.  This article also elaborated upon the poverty crisis in North Carolina and why the proposed plan by McCrory is a farce.

–          This data provides the unemployment rate by state.  North Carolina is tied for 44th, one of the worst in the nation, at 8.7% unemployment.  These statistics display a harrowing picture of the economy of the state, and it also allows a comparison between various states economic statistics.

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