Future Implications Post

A future without such a significant social safety net is beyond the vision of most, but it is safe to predict that the effects would be devastating to the economy and quality of life of the people in our state.  With already 1 in 5 North Carolinians faced with poverty, this state will face a grim reality if unemployment benefits remain scarce for subsequent years due to these cuts.  The estimated impact of these cuts, for solely this year, is a loss of 1.2 billion dollars in the state economy, and an average loss of 20 million dollars per local economy.  It is evident that if there is not some sort of arrangement agreed upon in the near future that our economy will continue to suffer, and that the percent of impoverished North Carolinians will continue to grow.  Numbers seem to indicate that we could break the 30% impoverished rate by the end of the decade with the trajectory of the state economy.  While we are not all directly affected by a state deficit, we will all sooner or later be directly affected by a failing economy if these cuts are not repealed.   It is evident that the impending poverty creates a dire situation, and welfare could be the only method through which our state economy can survive during this economic hardship.  If no resolution is reached to restore the benefits, the people of North Carolina will suffer for decades to come as families sink into the lower class.

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