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–          This blog has been invaluable to me in attaining a better understanding of the death penalty in North Carolina.  There are verified statistics and strong rhetoric used in each post, and the author addresses each aspect of the death penalty in great detail.  The cost effectiveness is assessed, there is an analysis of the morality of repealing the Racial Justice act, and an overall vision that considers whether the death penalty is necessary at all if it is not carried out in the proper manner.  Another extremely significant topic that is discussed in-depth in this blog is the connection between race and the death penalty.  The post that I feel taught me the most in this blog was “When Race and Death Row Collide” because it elaborates on the very tangible association between African Americans and the death penalty.  I have been a reader of this blog for nearly a month and I believe that the combination of data and language has synthesized a strong proposal and informational blog regarding the death penalty.

–          This blog offers a very interesting view on gun control, and the stance that is formed throughout the posts is well supported by data.  The blog touches on the many controversial aspects of gun control, including the failure of current laws, mental health issues, and the unlikely possibility of strengthened regulations.  The conclusion drawn from this blog seems to be that, in order to improve our current condition, we must regularly enforce the current background check laws.  The most provocative and significant post was an entry that displayed the murder rates in countries with significantly less firearms around, and that there was still lots of killing, through alternative means.  This supported the author’s position that maybe removing guns is not a good idea, but rather improving the system for future benefit of our society.  This blog can offer someone on either side of the gun control issue a wealth of knowledge and a very neutral solution that could be embraced by both sides.

–          The author of this blog did a very good job in constructing an unbiased argument as to why gun control must be approached very cautiously and that previous measures have failed considerably.  The posts place an emphasis on enforcing the current gun laws rather than trying to pass new legislation regarding firearms.  There is a very in-depth analysis of the data surrounding current gun control issues, as well as an analysis of the North Carolina House Bill 937.  This blog also touches on the issues of gun sales in North Carolina at gun shows without proper background checks, as well as the fact that the majority of Republicans do in fact support bans on high capacity magazines.  The author conveys the prominence of the issue of gun legislation very well, and the blog provides an interesting insight into the more right-leaning opinions on gun control.

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